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Statement About Our Perfume “Duplications”:

  • Day-Star Candle & Soap Supply does NOT sell perfumes nor do we compete with perfumers. However, certain oils in our fragrance collections do happen to refer to names of known perfumes. These are fragrance oils for candle and/or body applications. These are our interpretations and NOT actual perfumes. Our fragrance oils are NOT for direct application to skin! Buyers and users should NOT in any way misconstrue these fragrance oils to be actual perfumes.



kai type OUT OF STOCK
kai® (Brand)

Home of the First & Original dupe of this popular blend!
“Soft.” “Beautiful.” These are the first two words that come to mind when one smells this lovely fragrance. Another “cult” favorite perfume interpretation for Day-Star. A lovely white floral with the kiss of gardenia that is so true to its namesake! If you love the perfume, you will fall instantly in love with our rendition!
This fragrance does NOT contain diethyl phthalate (DEP)
Skin Safe Yes
Paraffin Wax Strong
Soy Wax Strong
Flashpoint >200˚ F
Acceleration in CP soap None
Discoloration in CP soap None
Overall Performance CP soap Beautiful scent!
Additional Notes

Don’t judge this beautiful scent out of the bottle! It truly blossoms once on the skin or in wax! Lovely, lovely scent! Per Sniffie Tester: “I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! It is so beautiful, and I think it is almost exactly like "Kai", but yours is stronger. I went and tested Kai on one arm and yours on the other and I think it the same on the skin. It smells really close to the flower which is hard to find in a lot of gardenia scents.”

Click Here to Download the MSDS for this fragrance.

2oz $8.25
8oz $25.95
16oz $32.95



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