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Marshmallow Fluff
Back by popular demand from the Nature’s Cauldron customers!
Ooey, gooey, deliciously simple plain white marshmallows! This is totally “drinkable”, but please do not drink it! Absolutely fabulous marshmallow that will be wonderful in any application!

Skin Safe Yes
Paraffin Wax Strong
Soy Wax Strong
Flashpoint >200˚ F
Acceleration in CP soap None
Discoloration in CP soap Dark Chocolate
Overall Performance CP soap Behaves Perfectly!
Additional Notes Fragrance lasts FOREVER in soap!

Click Here to Download the MSDS for this fragrance. 

2oz $5.50
8oz $13.95
16oz $20.95



Marshmallow THE ORIGINAL™
Soap Silly Wholesale Supplies Exclusive!!
We have found the perfect marshmallow! Absolutely no toasted notes, no chemical undertones ~ Just sugary sweet, tooth aching, pure ooey gooey fun!
This fragrance does NOT contain diethyl phthalate (DEP)

Appearance and Odor: A clear to pale yellow
  liquid with a pleasant marshmallow type odor
Specific Gravity: @ 25 deg C: 1.14
Flash Point: 200° F
Performance in CP Soap: Soaped beautifully,
  No Acceleration
Suggested usage rate: 0.7 oz ppo
Discoloration in CP Soap: Discoloration to
Performance in soy wax:

Click Here to Download the MSDS for this fragrance.


2oz $5.50
8oz $19.95
16oz $26.95


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