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Iced Lemon Biscotti OUT OF STOCK
With so many requests for a lemon fragrance with a hint of crust here you go! Fresh, creamy, and tart lemon with hints of crust! A superb blend for any and all dessert-lovers!! This fragrance does NOT contain diethyl phthalate (DEP)

Skin Safe Yes
Paraffin Wax Strong
Soy Wax Strong
Flashpoint 155˚ F
Acceleration in CP soap None
Discoloration in CP soap
Instant discoloration to a peachy tone - finally discolors to chocolate brown
Overall Performance CP soap Perfect
Additional Notes
Burns GREAT without any fuel-odor from the lemon notes.

Click Here to Download the MSDS for this fragrance.



2oz $5.50
8oz $11.95
16oz $18.95

Intoxicating Coconut
Soap Silly Wholesale Supplies Exclusive!!
Intoxicating Coconut is just that! Intoxicating! A sensuous blend of Coconut and Plumeria! Our blend begins with top notes of raw Coconut, exotic Plumeria, and purple Freesia; drifting into middle notes of Rosewood, Heliotrope, and Night Blooming Jasmine; and ending with bottom notes of Vanilla Bean, Lotus, White Musk and Ylang Ylang. This fragrance does NOT contain diethyl phthalate (DEP)

Appearance and Odor:
Specific Gravity:@ 25 deg C: 1.1
Flash Point :200 F
Performance in CP Soap: Slight Acceleration
  due to floral notes. Best soaped at 90-100
Suggested usage rate: .7oz ppo
Discoloration in CP Soap: Slight
  Discoloration noted.
Performance in soy wax:

Click Here to Download the MSDS for this fragrance.

Intoxicating Coconut

2oz $5.50
8oz $17.95
16oz $24.95


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