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Spiced Pumpkin Cupcakes
Who doesn’t love a great cupcake? We certainly do and excited to offer a new twist on it! IT starts off with top notes of sweet, creamy cake batter, mixed with an underlying gooey vanilla, ending with hints of pumpkin and kitchen spices.

Skin SafeYes
Paraffin WaxStrong
Soy WaxStrong
Acceleration in CP soapNone
Discoloration in CP soapBrown
Overall Performance CP soapPerfect
Additional Notes

2oz $5.50
8oz $17.95
16oz $24.95


Stone-Washed Cotton
A breath of fresh, clean air! Remember the days of helping Gramma on “Laundry Day”? Plucking the clean laundry off the clothesline, piling the baskets high, and sticking your nose into the fresh laundry? This fragrance is the heart of clean cotton scented from the warmth of country sunshine and clear skies. This fragrance does NOT contain diethyl phthalate (DEP)

Skin Safe Yes
Paraffin Wax Strong
Soy Wax Strong
Flashpoint >200˚ F
Acceleration in CP soap None
Discoloration in CP soap Off-White
Overall Performance CP soap Behaves beautifully & scent is strong!
Additional Notes  

Click Here to Download the MSDS for this fragrance.



stone washed cotton

2oz $5.50
8oz $11.95
16oz $18.95


Sweet Pumpkin
Soap Silly Wholesale Supplies Exclusive!!
Okay, let me say this: STOP LOOKING FOR PUMPKIN SCENTS!! The search is OVER! This is THE BEST you will EVER find! ~Stacy

Native Americans dried strips of pumpkin and wove them into mats. They also roasted long strips of pumpkin on the open fire and ate them. The origin of pumpkin pie occurred when the colonists sliced off the pumpkin top, removed the seeds, and filled the insides with milk, spices and honey. The pumpkin was then baked in hot ashes. Our Sweet Pumpkin is a warm blend of sweet cream, molasses, pumpkin with a hint of spice. It’s sweeter than spicy. It’s great for those looking for more pumpkin than spice.

• Appearance and Odor: Clear yellow colored
  liquid with a pleasant fruit type odor.
• Specific Gravity:
• Flash Point: 200° F
• Performance in CP Soap: Soaped beautifully,
  No Acceleration.
• Suggested usage rate: 0.7 oz ppo
• Discoloration in CP Soap: Discoloration to
  medium brown.
• Performance in soy wax:

Click Here to Download the MSDS for this fragrance.


2oz $5.50
8oz $17.95
16oz $25.95

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