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If you love "Luctor et Emergo” by POTL (brand), you will love our interpretation "Emerge”.
Our interpretation of “Luctor et Emergo” is as complex and lasting as its namesake. This is considered a “comfort” scent as well as sensual among its many fans. At first whiff, one detects notes of cherries, but not overly sweet; with hints of green grasses; warm woods and resins; a hint of dark, luscious amber; ending on a bed of sweet musk.

This well-rounded parfum is a considered cult favorite, and is very hard to find! (Only select online stores carry this amazing parfum!) This fragrance oil, “Luctor et Emergo,” is more costly than any of our fragrances, but it is well worth every penny! Check out the “real deal” online at $165.00 for 90ml!

Still not sure if you want to order this oil? Below are comments from our customers from the Sniffies mail-out:

"... I got my sample the other day, and I really like it. So yes, I would definitely buy this if you were to get it."

"... This is a super dupe! Awesome. I want to try it side-by-side tomorrow with the real thing, but this is scrumptious and long lasting too...."

"Well, I can tell you that out of the little vial that you sent me, I made DH smell my real POTL on one arm and your dupe on the other...he likes your dupe better than the real thing LOL. I just rolled my eyes and told him he just dissed the $165 perfume that he bought me."


Skin Safe Yes
Paraffin Wax Strong
Soy Wax Strong
Flashpoint >200˚ F
Acceleration in CP soap None
Discoloration in CP soap Light discoloration to a light to medium brown
Overall Performance CP soap Soaped like a dream!
Additional Notes Scent holds very well in the soap

Out of Stock

2oz $18.95
8oz $61.95
16oz $68.95


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